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When Harry turns 16, he is shocked to discover that his mentor Severus is in a bonded relationship with Lucius Malfoy—and that Harry himself is a second bondmate to both of them! With Severus's spying now revealed to Lucius, and with the Boy Who Lived revealed to be their mate, how do they move forward? What does. Guardianship Chapter 8: Draco's troubles, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Teagan. Age: 23. New to town The man looked barely ruffled, Harry observed; only a few blond hairs were in disarray. It was a very long time ago. Oct 23, - It does have spanking in it, both scenes and refrences it goes as Domestic Discipline but there is fatherly spanking scenes, between Lucius and Draco and Harry and his godfathers (warning- Remus and Sirius are going to be refered as Harry's fathers because I love when they have that type of relationship. Alison. Age: 20. Hello, Jul 17, - It was good he did, because as soon as Harry heard the word 'spanking' he tried to step back again. "No. Lemmi go!" Harry started to panic all of a sudden and tried to get free, "You have no right to do that. You're not my father!" "I can and I will," Lucius pointed out and pulled the struggling boy between his. Nov 10, - sat across The rest of the evening and week went by uneventfully for both Harry and Severus. Harry did his studies, "Keep up this attitude and it will be a no," said Lucius in warning along with a warning on his face. "What attitude?' .. "Draco do you understand why you were spanked?" he asked, gently.

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Cece. Age: 18. Hello, I'm Jade Sep 2, - Harry may be the boy that lived, but at home he is just another freak. A visit from a house elf changes his life and the life of Severus Snape forever. Warning: Corporal Punishment i.e. Spanking. Talk of Abuse. Evil Dumbledore. Rated: Fiction T - English - Harry P., Draco M., Severus S., Lucius M. - Chapters. Jul 25, - A spanking was one thing, but Lucius Malfoy would never beat his boy. Still, he believed in this harsh disciple and was determined to make this particular chastisement memorable due to severity of the crime. "Ow!" Draco yelped at the swat. "Not mild! Daddy!" He tried to look up, but Lucius pushed the. Apr 8, - The last thing Lucius Malfoy expected when he walked into Harry Potter's muggle neighborhood, was to become the guardian of one Harry J Potter. AU. Set Winter Break 1st year. Not Slash! Malfoy's adopt Harry. Contains the disciplinary spanking of minors. You have been warned. Rated: Fiction T.


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