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Bill Cosby on ESPN talking about some sort of nonsense involving the Temple Owls and the Ohio U Chitlin. Did bill cosby beat up a midget over a jello pudding pop back in the day? | Yahoo Answers Sinnamon. Age: 21. Smart and sexy companion You are so far up your own ass you are basically inside out. Also, it's not misgendering if they are literally that gender, and identify that way. Stupid video about 2 kids beating up a midget. Category. Comedy. License. Standard YouTube License. Show. Mason. Age: 25. I am 5'6" tall, weigh 120 lbs, with hazel eyes, long natural blonde hair, and a petite frame Did bill cosby beat up a midget over a jello pudding pop back in the day? Feb 23, - It's true that Bill Cosby had a short temper, and often used violence to let out his emotions. But Family Guy decided to make fun of him, in an episode, when the family was watching home videos, and Peter puts on one of Bill Cosby beating up a little person, because of a jello pop. But that specific incident. He is also mentioned in "The Man with Two Brians" when the Griffin family is sitting on their couch and New Brian shows the family a video of Bill Cosby tackling a midget and subsequently beating him. He appears again when Lauren Conrad says to Brian that she is making a computer animated sex tape of her and Cosby.

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Darcie. Age: 22. kinky and hungry in bed Don't like seeing ads? Want more colors and features?! Become a Super Doodler! 1. Bill Cosby finally snapped and is beating the living crap out of a midget. Dumptruck. 0. 1. 2. theonewhoknocks. 1. 2. 3. A man in a green and brown karate uniform saying "jello puddin'" whilst punching a midget in the face. RaulTheGhoul. 0. Nov 10, - Question: "I heard a tape recording of Bill Cosby beating up a midget (little person). I've always enjoyed his comedy and I've seen his books in the stores and considered buying one. But, if he's that mean I don't want to." Answer: Here at the Annalburg Fact Check, we believe in primary sources. So, we took. Feb 16, - Oldiron_ cman: Did you guys see the video where Bill Cosby goes all Chuck Norris on a midget? Yes. Ah, you're hurting me "About which I care very little".


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