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Feb 16, - In general, remember that anything that's toxic to us is toxic to our taste. “Gentlemen, put down the jello shot, sex on the beach shot, and buttery nipple shot. Not one of those makes your semen taste any sweeter. If you want to improve the flavor of your love juice, improve your overall diet and health. 8 Foods That *Might* Make Your Vagina Smell And Taste Better - | Teanna. Age: 28. hey :) After first having non-taste test sex , we fell dozed off briefly. Some people may describe it as tasteless and some may describe it as slightly sweeter. Jun 19, - Urban legend has it that foods like pineapple make your cum or vagina taste good, while stuff like stinky cheese makes your junk taste rank. To find out "Semen is known for having a bitter flavor, and that's what your partner was likely noticing—the absence of bitter flavor, not necessarily a sweeter flavor.". Danni. Age: 25. Peace and love to everyone call me to have those wild thoughts tamed 13 Ways To Make Your Cum Delicious Jun 4, - A little salty. Slightly sweet. Bitter. Quite delicious. Disgusting. No, these are not the reactions for any food. In fact, this is how women and also men describe the taste of semen. So, how does semen actually taste and is there anything that you can do to improve its taste? Well, the basic taste of semen is. May 15, - While most of the evidence is anecdotal, experience convinces many folks that diet affects cum taste. Whether she spits or Sweet Fruits and Juices. Everyone's Eating mostly plants may also make your body odor more pleasant than meat-rich diets, and smell plays a huge role in taste. So cut back on.

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Olivia. Age: 22. Sweet, loving, playful an d attentive, I am here to offer you pleasure and satisfaction! I am passionate about traveling and meeting all kind of factinating and new gentelmen Feb 10, - I love a nice pearl necklace, but the taste of semen makes me gag. Intrepid scientist that I am, I want to know how to make his semen taste better. Though there are plenty of articles claiming that different foods and beverages can improve (or worsen) the taste of semen, actual scientific research on this is. Jun 11, - You've all heard the rumor that pineapples make your vag smell and taste awesome. Is it true? I don't know but a lot of people certainly vouch for it. While there is no scientific evidence that pineapples make your vagina taste great, it's certainly possible! Pineapples are sweet and smell good, and the food.


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