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Feb 10, - Oliver Stone) when it came out was the film’s suggestion that Alexander was homosexual. But in the Ultimate Cut that Stone released in , Alexander (Colin Farrell) is shown being attracted to men. In the film Alexander has a favorite male slave, Bagoas (Francisco Bosch), who. Homosexuality in ancient Greece - Wikipedia Ava. Age: 29. Having worked in a corporate environment on management position for several years made me very tired and I realized it is not the job I wish to continue at - nowadays escorting gives me freedom and joy to meet gentlemen from different backgrounds and various parts of the world on one hand and to focus on my time the way I wish to on the other hand The age limit for pederasty in ancient Greece seems to encompass, at the minimum end, boys of twelve years of age. He even gave them a headstart in the great race to get back to heaven, their mutual love refeathering their mottled wings. Now he seemed to contradict himself. In his ideal city, he says in his last, posthumously published work known as The Laws, homosexual sex will be treated the same way as incest. It is something  ‎Homosexuality in ancient Rome · ‎Homosexuality in the militaries. Fleurette. Age: 24. The toned, sexy, silky skin you are looking at is 100% natural in every way Alexander the Great Hephaestion son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great. He was " by far the dearest of all the king's friends; he had been brought up with Alexander and shared all his secrets." This friendship lasted throughout their lives, and was compared, by others as well as  ‎Relationships · ‎Death and funeral · ‎Notes · ‎References. Alexander became legendary as a classical hero in the mold of Achilles, and he features prominently in the history and mythic traditions of both Greek and non-Greek cultures. He became the measure against which military leaders compared themselves, and military academies throughout the world still teach his tactics.‎Conquest of the Persian · ‎Death and succession · ‎Character · ‎Legacy.

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Bethanie. Age: 25. I am always sweet with a touch of naughty But was history's greatest warrior also gay? Oliver Stone's movie depicts Alexander having affairs with two men in his new film about the Macedonian king. Gay rights advocates are the historical facts? The truth is that modern sexual categories like homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual are alien to Alexander's world. The point is that years later Alexander the Great is still a controversial figure, whether he was man or God, gay or just effeminate. So Alexander still lives. But if he is still 'The Great' why does he need 25 Greek lawyers to defend him? Homosexuality (rather bisexuality) was common place in ancient Greece, but it was. Apr 7, - Dorothy Kahn, M.A History, The Graduate Center, CUNY () · Author has k answers and m answer views. Sort of. I think at least Alexander was possibly bisexual or pansexual, perhaps Julius Caesar too, or maybe certain people had good reason to put about rumours for certain political reasons. There really is  Was Alexander the Great a homosexual?


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