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'Go for it girl.' They walked to a side street to get away from the large crowds, Sophie squatted down as if she was tying her shoe lace. She gave a quick push and began to fill her nappy. Jenny watched as her best friend was grunting and filling her nappy. 'You finished yet?' Sophie stood up with a very red face and a huge. Fetish stories (Very lewd lemons) - Chapter 1: A diaper story - Wattpad Sovereign. Age: 21. It is not easy to describe myself. People say that i am spontaneous and generous, that i am romantic, passionate, sexy and sensual, stunning and elegant, and very seductive with to much curiosity in my mind. Jenny burst out laughing. Read Chapter 1: A diaper story from the story Fetish stories (Very lewd lemons) by ItsYaBoiRay with reads. gunge, panties, vibrators. I wake up in my be. Tori. Age: 26. Hey guys I'm Tiffany Fetish stories (Very lewd lemons) Nov 1, - She squatted a little bit as she pushed. I could her her grunting over the music as she strained to fill the seat of her pants. I felt her mess start to pour into the back of her diaper. She kept pushing and I continued to feel the back of her diaper expand as she filled it with her warm mess. She finished after a few. Mar 8, - Twisted.' Perverse.' Certainly you, Kevin, would never do anything as unseemly as pooping the diapers you love so much. He closed his eyes, bit his lip, and squatted, hands-on-knees, as his 60 seconds ran out. He had a massive orgasm, fell to his ass, and sucked his thumb with ferocity. The sheer.

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Morgana. Age: 29. 500/ hr Oct 9, - They obviously had just had orgasm together but it looked so much more intense than the orgasms they had from sucking. This made When I'd finished pooping I went and sat on a nearby bench and squished the poop all around inside my diaper, and I was surprised at how wonderful it felt to do this. She has me lay flat on my back as she squats down over my face, just letting the seat of her diaper brush against my nose and mouth. My dream partner then starts to grunt softly as the bottom of her diaper starts to bulge against my face. The front of her diaper gets a bit wet from her pushing a big, firm poo. Then it hit me, I had not pee?d in over twelve hours, I tried to hold it but the stress on my bladder was just too much, and the flood exploded in my diaper, leaving a huge yellow-brown stain in the front of my diaper for everybody to see. When I finished my bottle, the guards told me that if I needed to poop, I should go and do it.


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