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I had interview with Lowes in March Passed all interviews and did drug test I did nothing to clean my system out. He gave me drug test and i shoved that thing in my mouth as i was told and held it for 10min. I knew i wasnt going to pass it so i wasnt worried about it. 2 days later the lab called me and. Drug Test tomorrow vol Mouth Swab | NikeTalk Magdalene. Age: 30. I promise you the time you spend with me, you will can never forget. This was a couple days ago. I found it quite easy to get a job at Lowe's. I interviewed with three different supervisors all in the same day. Also took the drug test. I'm suppose to go to orientation Friday. Anyone know what Lowe's starts you out at? I'm hoping for around at least $10/hr! Judged: Reply». Report Abuse Judge it!what kind of drug test does Lowe's do?? Nonna. Age: 18. meeting you and making you the center of her attentions, even if only for a few hours Access Denied Jul 19, - Lowes Drug Test-Need Help ASAP I have an interview with Lowes on Thr at I last smoked at on Tue. First off, do you think I will be Why are people sweatin a saliva test? Put it in writing: Have a detailed written policy in place that explains where such testing will take place as well as procedures to follow regarding positive and negative results. "You want to create a detailed policy that covers all aspects of drug testing for fairness of employees and as an insurance policy for liability issues," he.

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Noelle. Age: 28. Hello dear friends, welcome to my page Oct 26, - Ok, so i got a call today for a job interview tomorrow at Lowe's and there's a few things i need answered quickly and accurately. First off, What kind of pre-employment drug testing does Lowe's do? I've heard someone mention mouth swabbing, but i can't confirm that. Next, when do they usually administer. I have a drug test tomorrow for lowes (unload associate) making a hour. Its a mouth swab test, I heard that they are only good for a couple days. Any truth to this?? Last time I smoked was Friday afternoon and I take the test tomorrow (monday). Anybody have experience with these test? Apr 10, Aug 14, - Ok, I JUST took a mouth swab for Lowe's dept store. Blue dot, oral eze test AND they sent the results off to a lab. I probably intake anywhere from a gram to two and a half grams daily (for the past 4 almost 5 years hardly any quitting) of mary jay and I passed Here's how: Got the call Saturday early.


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