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Jun 10, - Drinking liquor from between boobs. Boob luge and Body Shots on a Party Model - Mojosons Riva. Age: 30. hello gentlemen. I can see it now Serve on the rocks with lime garnish and umbrella. May 7, - Yes, we have all heard about cocktails with outrageous and naughty names like - 'Harvey Wallbanger' and Sex on the Beach', but they have nothing on these bad 20 Dirty & Filthy Named Cocktails - Girly Design Blog Angel's Tit Pour the mix in a shaker, strain the shot, and mix in a glass filled with ice. Anfisa. Age: 26. My motto is: "don't dream your life but live your dreams!" Boob Grabber recipe Pour the Bailey's irish cream into a shot glass. Top with the Scotch, and serve. Around the Web. Drinks Even Bartenders Would Never Order · 20 Beers to Avoid at All Costs · 5 Whiskey Cocktails to Make in 5 Minutes or Less. other drinks in this category Backdraft · Backstabber · Black Dragon · Black Haze · Black Jesus. Feb 27, - Here our some of our favourite Rude and Dirty Named Cocktails and Drinks. Some times you wouldn't want to utter the words let alone, at a bar tender something that sounds like it came out of a porn movie! Yes we have a list of 'Rude Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe . Boob Related Cocktails & Drinks.

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Tatiana. Age: 22. Hi, i am monique and i love meeting up for a hot and sensual encounter... Bachelorette Party Shots & Drinks If you are planning on drinking during your bachelorette party, you may want to take a glance at our list of recommended Bachelorette Party shot and drink recipe below!! Many of these are old time favorites and some are new creations by mixologist, bartenders and veteran bachelorette. Sep 7, - An Angel's Tit is a fun cocktail that you won't want to miss. It's, a layered drink of white creme de cacao, maraschino cherry liqueur, and half and half. Boob Shot. The act of throwing candy(like skittles) or other tidbits down a girls shirt/cleavage for the purpose of watching her retrieve it. Huge boobs and low shirts are the best for Boob Shots! when a person takes a shot (alcoholic) which is placed between a girls boobs, ONLY WORKS BETWEEN SHANNON'S BOOBS ;).


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