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May 16, - It's the oldest argument in parenting: Dad thinks his little boy needs to learn a lesson, and mom thinks a spanking is too harsh. Except that's not what the data shows, as a large majority of both men and women say spanking kids is acceptable. Corporal punishment involves hitting someone physically, and. A Spanking Fetish Is Not Revealed Easily - The New York Times Nadine. Age: 20. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to having a mistress,all the joys but none of the worries In our different ways, we all just want honesty and intimacy, right? Although a great many men and women support spanking, many may not support a school's right to spank their children. May 21, - Politician and pundits can't resist quoting numbers and statistics in debates regardless of whether they fully understand them or not. The BCS and ONS are often at the top of their list. Now the ONS has produced statistics on DV that show it to be equal among married men and married women. Radical. Brynn. Age: 28. I love to create sexy and naughty memories for my selected few suitors Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish Nov 3, - The scientists asked 1, Quebec adults ( men and women) to rank 55 different sexual fantasies, as well as to describe their own favourite fantasy in detail. Of this sample, per cent were heterosexual, per cent were homosexual and the remainder identified as neither of these. Fantasies. May 14, - Other way round. The idea of me spanking her sounds horrid, as I believe when a man makes love to his wife, he is telling her he loves her and will protect her from all harm.

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Celine. Age: 21. Taking you to wonderland of explicit hot wet fantasy of lust an relaxation Feb 17, - Of people who are really into spanking the number is about 25% male and 10 percent female. Of people obsessed with spanking (can't get off without it) about 3 percent male and 1 percent female. These number were taken from a survey from a woman's magazine (probably Cosmo) but I forget when. Nov 9, - On my computer, hidden inside a series of password-protected folders, is a folder labeled “David, If You Find This, Please Don't Look Inside.” It has my favorite spanking stories I've collected online. A small fraction are what you'd imagine: A man spanks a woman, then they have sex. In the vast majority. Apr 12, - From the beginnings of cinema up through the s, a spanking was just a routine part of a certain type of screen romance: watch the supercut below. For decades, in movie after movie, wily women were rendered the children of the men who loved them. It was entertaining. It was light fun. It was comfort for.


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