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when a guy fucks you up the ass with his big dick and cuts your anus hole and the cut gets inffected and thick liquid like butter stuff leeks out of your anus (puss) its really nasty. 'Best' Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex - Best Lube For Anal Sex Sheila. Age: 23. Hello, guys! i am in Marbella just for you, contact me by whatspp or viber, my mobile : +372 82 6 7777 1 I know oil can damage condoms, so the latter would be a given in this case? I'm unlikely to do it again. r/sex is for civil discussions about all facets of sexuality and sexual relationships. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. Anyway, what I really want to know is how safe is butter (or margarine) as anal lube? Kristal. Age: 18. I'm a sexy hot bitch, i'm every man's dream ‘Best’ Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex Can it? Sure. I've done it, once. I'm unlikely to do it again. As a lubricant, it's altogether inferior. Feb 15, - The phenomenon of "truffle butter," as made famous by the Nicki Minaj song (if you don't feel like clicking on the link, it means the substance that forms when a penis moves from an anus to a vagina), is a spectacularly bad idea, as any movement from the anus to the genitals without a thorough cleaning in.

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Dina. Age: 27. My name is Alina A delicious recipe for Anus Butter, with Bailey's® Irish cream, dark creme de cacao and Stolichnaya® vanilla vodka. Also lists similar drink recipes. Jan 22, - If you use any of this butter in its oily form as lube, it will get into your genitals nicely, right? You might look very good like your favorite buttered food. But, wait As time goes on, it begins to get greasy. If you are like me that do not like greasy-like feeling, then this household anal lube will turn you off almost. Feb 3, - can the rectum aborb oils such as coconut oil or shea butter used as a lubricant. Oils such as coconut oil and shea butter are often used as lubricants in preparing for anal sex and I wander what are the risks of those oils being absorbed through the rectal walls. Related Topics: Rectum, Oil, Coconut Oil.


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