Eyes lose focus during orgasm

Your eye muscles lose tension (since you don't need your eyes to orgasm), so your eye naturally rolls back. Watch someone blink in slow motion when they're not focusing intensely on something. You'll notice their eyes roll back slightly as the oculumotor muscles relax during the blink. (Intense focusing  Have you ever lost hearing for a few seconds when you orgasm. Why People Close Their Eyes During Sex – HONESTLY NAKED Kaylani. Age: 25. with a discreet and well-mannered lady... If you are looking for a naughty role-play... Secretary, school girl, mistress... If you are looking for a charming cultured lady to be your companion... If you are looking for some... Salt & pepper... I'm your right choice so look no further and just call me... Now! That's why syncope caused by drugs has the distinct half-lidded look rather than other forms of fainting, which reflexively tighten the eyelid muscles to keep them shut. There are many reasons why people close their eyes during sex, but despite what many think, having sex with your eyes closed is not always a bad thing. Feb 3, - Such cognitive distractions during sexual activity have been shown to predict lower sexual satisfaction and less persistent orgasms. Reviewing some 40 So how can we stay focused during sex, and reduce the kind of distracted thinking that gets in the way of pleasure and satisfaction? One potentially. Princess. Age: 26. Im a tall exotic Guyanese babe with beautiful brown eyes Connect. Discover. Share. May 27, - I had the most incredible sex with my bf and after my left eye crossed and wouldn't uncross for a few minutes also loss of vision and blurry eyesight when it came back It was the some people, especially women, seem to go into another state when they have really really intense orgasms. Don't know if. Jan 5, - Men sometimes close their eyes to focus on lasting longer, or staying hard, especially if they have difficulty in these areas. Just The Tip: For men who ejaculate quickly during sex, try to focus on something else in order to delay the climax. *Think of something not someone else. By focusing on something.

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Candi. Age: 18. I am a mautre and sensual lady Apr 18, - The female orgasm is as elusive as it is astounding, with much of the physical results occurring out of plain sight. Aside from the occasional squirt (aka female ejaculation) and flushed face, it's often difficult for men to figure out if an orgasm actually happened. But many women fake orgasms in order to end. Let me ask you this: Do you ever feel frustrated after intercourse? Like you aren't finished and want to do more?” The patient's hazel eyes lose focus as she tries to remember. “No, I guess I'm relieved when it's over, because if he goes on too long it hurts Sometimes I wish he'd keep going with his mouth though. Oct 15, - According to Rutgers University neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk, the systems activated during an orgasm run from head to toe. The two most important players are the orbitofrontal cortex, located right above and behind your eyes: . "You want to get in that state where you lose yourself," Berlin said.


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