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The most popular stockings were sheer hosiery which were first made of silk or rayon (then known as "artificial silk"), and after of nylon, which had been invented by DuPont in During the s and s, stage and film producers would sew stockings to the briefs of their actresses and dancers, as testified to by. Pantyhose - Wikipedia Rosina. Age: 24. We're both clean and discreet and, apart from our profession, we're normal people with normal lives, so discretion is assured and expected in return! What we offer is a totally uninhibited, pleasurable and memorable experience. Make a good impression and wear tights to a job interview. My mom dressed me in tights since I was a little baby, and I've been wearing them to for dancing ever since I started that as well. First REAL pair of pantyhose was about at age 12, when I started shaving my legs. I like the look of them if the color and sheen are just right, but I'm fairly picky. There's nothing worse than peachy. Taissia. Age: 25. i'm very open minded so don't hold back 50 Years of Pantyhose Jul 10, - Fifty years ago, textile mogul Allen Gant Sr. introduced the world to the first pair of pantyhose. To mark Their product–the world's first commercial pantyhose–began lining department store shelves in “Most people my age loved them from the very beginning and couldn't wait to get a hold of them. Jul 7, - Their product—the world's first commercial pantyhose—began lining department store shelves in “Most people my age loved them from the very beginning and couldn't wait to get a hold of them. I don't think we've ever Allen Gant Sr. introduced the first pair of pantyhose in (Courtesy of Glen.

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Zoey. Age: 18. Then allow me to help you relax Hosiery first time.: A true, personal story from the experience, I Wear Pantyhose. Well I got into wearing pantyhose around the age of 12 to Was pretty much born into it. As my mom and 2 older sisters wear pantyhose. I would see girls, teachers, and some moms wearing pantyhos. Jun 24, - I recently had a very lively debate on Facebook about wearing pantyhose. Many people who commented said they had never (ever) worn pantyhose and couldn't understand why some people insisted that they wouldn't leave the house without them. The vast majority (and age was not a factor) said they do. Aug 11, - When attending funerals, all women of a certain age are expected to wear “stockings,” preferably black. Someone always brings extras My first memory about pantyhose was when my older cousin received a pair of L'egg's — remember the s egg-shaped containers — for Christmas. She SHRIEKED!


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