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Apr 13, - Our son has brown hair. When he was born he had what I call 'white people hair' as far as the strands/texture. His hair was brown with lots of red hliights. That fell out, and it grew back in brown, with the kinkier texture like his dad. When his hair gets longer, he has about 4 random strands of red hair in there. Redheads: The Genetics of Hair Color | Owlcation Hope. Age: 22. *couple friendly Red heads are like rare gems, and your attitude is like a rock. You do not have red hair but you can pass it down to your kids. Mar 23, - I was shocked when I had my first red haired girl. My husband isn't a redhead,nor am I. BUT, my husband has 3 red haired!! I must have the most recessive genes. When my fourth child was being born, I told the MD, “If the head comes out with red hair on it, it's a girl.” He was surprised that it. Mya. Age: 18. *seductive and open minded Are You Carrying the Redhead Gene? Jan 28, - That means even if both parents carry the gene, just one in four of their children are likely to turn out to be a redhead. As a result, families that have no redheads for decades can suddenly discover a carrottop in their midst. "Families can carry a variant for generations, and when one carrier has children with. Nov 14, - From that, we can figure out your chances for having a redhead. Let's do the easy one first—your husband. Since he has red hair, odds are he has two copies of the red version of the MC1R gene. He is rr. We can figure out your genes because of your father. Since he is a redhead, he is rr. What that means.

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Angelika. Age: 28. Being an escort means to me, not "just" providing an exceptional sex experience, but also to be a pleasant companion and attentive listener. It's obvious, that when i'm meeting my clients, i'm always smartly dressed and absolutely discreet. Mar 12, - So mom has two copies of r and so is rr (she has to have 2 recessive copies to get her red hair). The father is dark haired, so he has at least one dominant copy. So he is either RR or Rr. Both of these would end up in him having a hair color other than red. In this case, we know that the dad must carry a. The "dark-haired" gene would have been dominant, giving them the dark-hair phenotype. If both of them happened to pass on the red-haired gene to you, you'd have both the phenotype and genotype for red hair. With regards to you and your husband having a red-haired offspring, we'd have to guess whether he's a carrier. However if you happen to have a recessive red hair gene perhaps from one of your parents who might have had it as well then there is a high chance. our first one has brown hair but when he is in the sun you can see the ginger colour on top and our second child also a boy has black hair but also same with him has the.


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